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Care for our Common Home


Welcome to Care for our Common Home Foundation (CFOCH), a private, nonprofit organization headquartered in San Jose, California. We are committed to journeying with youth to create a platform for promoting environmental and social innovations, aiming to uphold environmental justice and realize sustainable development. Our goal is to improve the common home we share by enhancing environmental awareness and doing our part of each person's social responsibility, regardless of age, to create a hope-filled future. We are run completely by student volunteers and believe that everyone, regardless of age, can make contributions and strive to improve our common home.

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Our Mission

Research shows that although students take many courses on environmental issues, their environmentally-aware actions are lower than expected. Environmental knowledge does not always influence awareness and behavioral intentions, and more inspirations are needed to enhance effectiveness. In response to this, CFOCH is an initiative to offer a platform for environmental innovations and ideas to youth, as well as facilitate individuals to uphold their responsibilities and take care of the environment, regardless of age or environmental attitude. While young people may not be able to create a particularly strong impact just by themselves, by spreading awareness and contributing small works along the goal, we envision inspiring individuals and corporations to amplify their contributions to fulfill their roles in environmental justice.
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Our Name

The name of our foundation comes from the subtitle to Pope Francis's encyclical Laudato Si', “on care for our common home”. In it, the Pope makes a statement on how climate change is real and calls all people of the world to take "swift and unified global action" to care for the world of nature. To learn more about his ethical analysis and our values, we encourage everyone to read the book or watch this documentary.
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Our Beliefs

  • It is a social responsibility to take care of our environment. This applies to corporations as well as individuals.
  • We believe in environmental justice. The pollution of our common home is a moral issue.
  • We believe in the power of youth to improve our environment. It is something anyone can partake in regardless of age. We believe youth can do a lot to create a hope-filled future.
  • We believe in educating people on climate change. This raises awareness and will allow people to subsequently take interest in fighting climate change themselves. Participation is key.
  • We believe in making use of both new sustainable technologies and social changes to improve our environment.
We believe that the entire earth is our shared home: There may be boundaries dividing different countries, but the Earth does not behave according to those boundaries; it is one whole planet that suffers as a whole if one part is not taken care of immediately. Think of the Earth as a house: when there is something broken, you would naturally want to fix it. If there is a leak in your roof, even if the leak is somewhere you don't usually spend time in like a sibling's room, eventually, you will experience the effects of the leak when your sibling has to move to your room, or when rainwater begins to flood the hallways. Your home is your shelter and you depend on it, just like we all depend on the Earth to keep us alive and healthy. Even if you may not be experiencing the effects of pollution or climate-related issues now, other places are, and by helping other places, you are still helping yourself. It is each person's responsibility to take care of our Earth, regardless of the immediate impact of pollution or climate change.
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Our Values

  • Community - We value coming together to improve the environment. No one person can reverse climate change on their own.
  • Innovation - We promote the innovation of new technology that won't hurt the environment. We also promote implementing these new technologies. We recognize that many of the technologies for green energy exist, they just aren't being used enough.
  • Progress - It is crucial to move forward in the fight against climate change. We cannot afford to stay stagnant.
  • Responsibility - We believe in each person's obligation to do their part in improving the environment.
  • Awareness - We spread information about climate change so that others can take action too.
  • Action - We encourage people to take action against climate change whether it is through volunteering, voting, boycotts, supporting eco-friendly businesses, or lifestyle changes.
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Our Goals

  • Empower youth to take action and create a community of people who fight against climate change
  • Advocate environmental justice
  • Research and dispel myths about climate change
  • Cultivate concern for the environment in public opinion
  • Organize lectures and workshops, online and in person, with volunteers in colleges and high schools for audiences who are interested in the environment and social justice issues.
  • Maintain a website and social media platforms to promote relevant educational content, including feature articles contributed by students and researchers.
  • Give youth an opportunity to fight for a brighter future
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How You Can Help

  • Volunteer for or donate to local environmental nonprofits
  • Educate yourself and others on small everyday changes, for example ripping the elastic bands off of masks before throwing them away to prevent animals from being caught in them.
  • With the proper equipment, pick up trash and recyclables in your neighborhood
  • Reduce the use of plastics
Care for our Common Home Foundation is a certifying organization of the President's Volunteer Service Award.
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